Tuesday, December 27, 2016

God's Great Provision

Earlier this month I was sitting at my desk and the phone rang.  It was a staff member from Clear Lake Regional Hospital and she explained that they were remodeling some of the rooms for the doctors and had some twin beds and night stands they would like to donate.  I made arrangements to receive the furniture and thought "perfect, we are always in need of furniture for our resale shop."  About an hour later I received an e-mail from a friend at the Sheriff's Department.  The e-mail explained that a deputy had come home after a family outing on Black Friday to discover their home and all their belongings were destroyed by a fire.  At the top of their needs list was two twin beds for their children.  I chuckled as I saw how God had provided for a need, before we ever knew it existed.  But the story gets even better.  As we talked to the deputy as we were waiting to receive the beds he mentioned that while they were not picky, his daughter was sad that she lost her bed because it had drawers under it to help store her clothes and belongings.  God knows our heart's desires and our every need and not only did he meet the need of twin beds...but these special beds even had drawers underneath.

In the years that I have been at Lighthouse Christian Ministries, I have seen God provide for our ministry in the most amazing ways.  I have seen how our generous community has given so abundantly of their time, talents, and treasures to build the ministry that shines His love so brightly in Galveston County, TX.   

Erika Steele, Executive Director of Lighthouse Christian Ministries

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